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I rarely use this to just blog. I’m going to just blog now, so you can all just ignore this if it’s not to your liking.

Warning. Contents under pressure.

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Every single poster Saul Bass, the greatest graphic designer of all time, ever made, in one place. Pair with 25 of his most iconic film title sequences in 100 seconds.

Time Suck Alert! A List of Common Misconceptions

Oh yes. Someone is putting this list together.



Uhura never had another name during the series. One of the fan writers wrote “Upenda” - which means “peace” in Swahili, I understand — not officially, but in some of their fan writings. And it sort of took hold. But when they were going to do the official history of Star Trek in a published book, the writer called Gene and asked him was “Uhura” her first name or her last name? Gene said, “Well, Nichelle and I never decided.” We always leaned towards it being her last name because it’s taken from the Swahili “uhuru” which means freedom. So it would sort of be like the same as “Freeman.” So he said, “You can make it her last name.” The writer said, “What about her first name? I’ve come up with one in Swahili. It’s Nyota.” Gene said, “I can’t give you that permission because Nichelle and I named her together, and she has rights to that, so you’ll have to call her and get her permission.” So he gave him my number, and he called me and I laughed and was delighted. He said, “I have a name and it’s Nyota.” I said, “That’s quite beautiful. What does it mean?” He said, “It means ‘star’.” I said, “You can have my permission!” So I have since said that her name is Nyota Upenda Uhura, which would mean a free-floating star: “star of freedom and peace”. I like that.—NICHELLE NICHOLS

Queen. Of. Everything.

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Time travel in movies


Time travel in movies

1 forward step: DC comics is maybe trying to reach out to women by jumping on Pinterest.

Annnnnnd 1 sideways step: Really? The first 2 pins are Batman and Superman? Really?


Pinterest is, no offense to Tumblr, the hottest social media site around right now. And it is also one of the sites that is dominated by female users. That would be 82% of users.

So when DC announced it was on Pinterest yesterday I got excited. What? DC Comics is on Pinterest? Is this a…


“Oh, shit. Wrong convention.”


“Oh, shit. Wrong convention.”

Honest Titles for 2013’s Oscar Nominated Movies


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Saturday Dec 1st, 2012 

If you were brought here by Jezebel or xoJane or any other great website - hello! This isn’t the original post however. I deleted that. Not because I was ashamed of it but because things have changed a bit and I want to, as my friend Todd Glass would say, “have…

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